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Advanced Chemical Tanker Safety

Advanced Chemical Tanker Safety


Aim: This course is intended for masters, officers and ratings serving on tankers who are required to undertake additional training and familiarisation in accordance with: The Merchant Shipping (Training and Certification) Regulations 1997/Marine Guidance Note (MGN)95/STCW 95: Regulation V/1 paragraph 2.2 and STCW Code Section A - V/1 paragraphs 8-14. At the end of the course, the candidates will have the relevant technical knowledge to assume the responsibilities of Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, Second Engineer or of any other person having direct responsibility for cargo operations.


Entry requirements: Completed training according to STCW VI/3 and V/1 paragraph 1.2, section A-V/1 paragraph 2-7.


Validity of certificate: Unlimited (5-year refreshment).


Course content: According to IMO Model Course 1.04.


Duration: 30 hours.


Course fee:  300.00 €; min 3 candidates (agreement possible for fewer candidates).