Raziskovalni projekti

Nuovi modelli per analisi rumore/vibrazioni a bassa e media frequenza

Vodja projekta na FPP: izr. prof. dr. Peter VIDMAR


Trajanje projekta: od 01.05.2014 do 31.05.2016

Financiranje projekta: Cergol Engineering Consultancy s.r.l.

Opis projekta:

The project is looking for transient loads on the propeller to predict vibrations induced to the shaft and stern bearing in preliminary design phase. We choose to use the vortex lattice method, a potential flow method, which is already widely tested in marine and aeronautical industries. It is based on the Jukowsky circulation theorem with the assumption, that the flow around the propeller is irrotational, inviscid and incompressible. These assumptions can generally apply in flow regions outside the boundary layer, where the viscous forces are negligible and where no separation occurs, the incompressibility of the fluid is granted by the very low Mach number.


Rezultati projekta:

VIDMAR, Peter, MAHNE KALIN, Alan. Enegy finite element analysis = Nuovi modelli per analisi rumorevibrazioni a bassa-media frequenza : research. Portorož: Univ. Ljubljana, Fak. za pomorstvo in promet, 2016. 27 str., ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 2698595]