Raziskovalni projekti


Vodja projekta na FPP: izr. prof. dr. Peter VIDMAR


Trajanje projekta: od 01.10.2018 do 31.03.2019

Financiranje projekta: Tehnološki park Ljubljana

Opis projekta:

The maritime industry has always been a key economic sector in Adriatic Ionian Region, providing thousands of high skilled jobs and opportunities for SMEs and larger enterprises such as shipyards.

These days the shipbuilding industry in Europe faces fierce competition coming mainly from Turkey, S. Korea and China, where shipbuilding capacity has grown exponentially. Ship construction has also been deeply affected by the lack of effective trade rules at global level and the absence of investment initiatives. The collapse in demand since 2008 had a severe impact on employment in this sector as well.

NEORION aims at establishing a transnational Cluster in the Adriatic-Ionian on Green Shipbuilding that will accelerate both the cooperation of key actors & innovation in the industry. NEORION is expected to reinforce the traditional shipbuilding sector through coordinated efforts that will facilitate the exploitation of innovative technologies and technology transfer between new complementary markets such as new materials & specialized vessels.